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Suzlon Structures Ltd.

Joint venture between Suzlon Energy Ltd. and Kalthia Group; established  in 2004,  for  state-of-the-art manufacturing  of tubular tower for wind mill and heavy engineering fabrication.  Suzlon Energy Ltd. ranked globally No.3 in supply of wind mills  and we are the major supplier  to them. 

  • Present range : 1.25MW to 2.1MW
  • Tonnage Capacity : 125000 tons /annum

Brief Introduction of Company :
Suzlon Structures P. Ltd (SSPL) is one of the subsidiary companies of Suzlon Engery Limited(SEL),one of the most reputed industrial houses of the present era. SSPL manufactures tubular towers to be used in wind power project for SEL. SSPL has its corporate office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India.

The Kalthia Group is a proud joint venture partner of Suzlon Energy Limited(SEL) in SSPL. SEL is a #1 rated comapny in India, no.3 in Asia and stands no. 6th in the world and SSPL plays a crucial role by way of building up tubular towers, a foundation for the setting up of wind mills.

Product Profile :
The sizes of tubular towers are different.
1. 74.5 m height suitable for 1.25 MW turbine
2. 77.5 m height suitable for 2.0 MW turbine
3. 77.5 m height suitable for 1.5 MW turbine

Market Potentials:
Wind energy is having a growth trend worldwide at a CAGR of 27% as per BTM Report 2003, Denmark.

Wind power has the highest potential in the country and is expected to contribute 60% among the various sources of power generation from renewable energy. The total gross potential of wind power generation in the country is estimated to be 45000 MW and it is continuously increasing with identification of newer sites and technology developments.

Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) has set a goal of 10000 MW to be added the total power generation capacity through renewal, which is about 10% of new power generation capacity additions by the year 2012.

India is the fifth largest producer of wind power in the world after Germany, Spain, US and Denmark with a wind power generation achievement of 2125 MW as on 31-12-03. It is estimated that more than 6000 MW will be added by 2012.

The project is located at Survey no.365, Vardhman Industrial Area, At- Bhachu, Near Gandhidham, Kutch District in the state of Gujarat.

Nearest Airport- Bhuj- 60Km, Nearest Railway Station- Gandhidham- 26 Km Nearest Sea Port- Kandala- All weather Port – 30Km Site is on NH-8

The project location is selected considering accessibility from highway, which is most desired to transport finished product being over dimension consignment and availability of the fiscal incentives of Kutch. Further, location is near to industrial developed cities like Gandhidham And Bhuj, ensures availability of required manpower and transportation.

PROJECT SIZE (Capacity) :
The project will have total manufacturing capacity of 40,000 MT of steel. This will translate in to 360 tubular tower per annum of 74.5 m height suitable for 1.25 MW wind turbine generator. It is planned to install capacity of 26666 MT (240 nos. of tubular tower) in phase I and the capacity will be enhanced to 40,000 MT in phase II by adding additional production line.

100% off – take by Suzlon Energy Limited - assured business. Technology of the plant is versatile and with minor modifications, the plant can be used in any kind of fabrication activities like manufacturing of heat and pressure vessels, boilers etc. Fiscal Incentive available in the state of Kutch makes product much competitive in terms of selling price.

The company has an HR cell having balance between centralization and decentralization in order to enhance responsiveness and stakeholder satisfaction. At the highest level, the company observes corporate governance through the formation of Management Council. At a functional level talent acquisition, development and deployment are the key focus areas besides articulating critical processes to enhance performance orientation. The Company personnel policy depicts reward and recognition and register persistent progress.

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